Sunday, 25 December 2011

Bruges trip

I mentioned that I won't be visiting any pubs over Christmas. That's because I'm spending a week in Bruges from Boxing Day.

A beautiful city at any time of year, it is especially so at Christmas with the gluhkriek stalls, ice rink and of course Christmas beers. I'll be visiting classic bars Brugs Beertje and De Garre plus newcomers such as Rose Red. Struise Brouwers have opened a new beer shop which should be worth investigating. Trips to Brussels and De Haan are planned too.

A Lowry-esque view of the Markt
An added bonus is Tranmere's game at Sheffield Wednesday on 2nd January. We're travelling back overnight from Rotterdam to Hull so it will be a short detour to drop me off in Goole where I can catch a train to Sheffield where the obvious first port of call will be the Sheffield Tap. Happy Christmas!

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