Thursday, 29 March 2012


I had a letter printed in The Independent today. It is in response to another attack on drinkers from an anti-alcohol lobbyist. It is the the fourth letter down on this page. The original letter is here.

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  1. Good letter. I've been making similar points, not only on my blog, but also in the CAMRA magazine I edit, and soon in letters to the local papers. We need to challenge the propaganda that alcohol = binge drinking that turns our town centres into the Wild West every Saturday. Yes, there's trouble, but the vast majority of drinkers in any town centre at the weekend will behave correctly. Punish the guilty, not everyone.

    I recently took a female friend on a tour of local pubs and hotel bars on Saturday night. She had previously told me she wouldn't dare go out to a town centre at the weekend, but afterwards said she'd had a really good time.