Friday, 9 November 2012

Wetherspoons are different in Essex

I stayed overnight in Braintree last Saturday. Tranmere were due to play an FA Cup tie on Sunday lunchtime so I'd decided to travel down the day before. It was an expensive trip as the match was postponed an hour before kick off.

Anyway, my Northerner prejudices were demolished as I found it a pleasant town with friendly locals. I drank some excellent beer in Braintree including a Mild (!) and also in Chelmsford. Late evening I was tempted into the local Wetherspoons by their beer festival. A cavernous former cinema I was surprised to find a mixture of Dance and R & B music playing at a high volume. There was also Italian football on numerous screens. Is this a change of tack for Wetherspoons? I've not been in one of their pubs before with loud music playing. I found the juxtaposition of drinking Minagof Pale Ale from Guam while watching the Essex youth singing along to Ne-Yo blasting out from the sound system rather surreal.


  1. You were probably in a Lloyds No 1

  2. I had a similar discussion in a JDW pub in St Helens last Friday where there was a disco playing. I said it must be a Lloyds; the others said it was a Spoons. It turned out I was correct.

  3. I've been in several Wetherspoons that play music in the evening. The one in Cambridge has a dance floor complete with authentic fights and glassings and everything you might expect from a spoons - only with music and disco lights!

    Grim old man pub by day, grim young man pub by night.