Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Minimum Pricing latest

So David Cameron climbs down on minimum pricing for alcohol. A battle may have been won but certainly not the war.

We know that the health lobby don't just want to tackle binge drinkers but won't be happy until all drinkers are cajoled into paying more and drinking less.

A newespaper advert from my local 'health provider' last week even inferred that reducing alcohol consumption can help people find a better job.


  1. I foresee one or two nasties on alcohol duties in the forthcoming budget.

  2. Absolutely. You nail the point that the purpose of minimum pricing is not to help pubs or shift people from a product you may not like to one you do. It is to stop or reduce levels of drinking. They may be targeting other people but they do have you in their sights. It doesn't matter that it doesn't affect you because you may drink in pubs or drink craft beer, you're next.

  3. I can't speak for craft beer drinkers, largely because I don't know any, but while CAMRA may have a "head in the sand" attitude to minimum pricing, CL, many of us members on the ground are fully aware of the pitfalls you have referred to.