Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Younger's to Young's

"Heineken has sold Scots ale brand McEwan’s to independent brewer Wells & Young’s.
The deal also includes the Younger’s beer brand as well as the 17% of the Courage beer brands still held by Heineken.
“This is a significant and major acquisition and secures the future for the much-loved McEwan’s and Younger’s brands,” said Wells & Young’s managing director Nigel McNally.
McNally vowed to give the brands “a new lease of life” with a major marketing investment, while retaining production north of the border."

There had been talk recently of  the revival of Younger's and McEwans cask ale brands. Young's and Wells will no doubt use this aquisition to expand their market into the Scotland and the north of England where Bombardier and Young's ales do not have the same following as they do in the south. They have also obtained brands that will play well in the non-real ale trade.


  1. When I was in Scotland last year, McEwans and Youngers keg beers were very commonplace, not to mention McEwans Lager.

    I wonder where these are brewed now, given that what was S&N have closed down all their breweries in, er, Scotland and Newcastle.

  2. Love old graphic design. I have been last week to Wells and Young;s beer factory and they had an amazing brewery tour with a gallery of the old bottles and enamel signs.