Friday, 17 February 2012

Liverpool Beer Festival 2012

I know why it is so difficult to get tickets for this festival. Liverpool & District CAMRA want to keep all great beers on sale to themselves. Seven from Hawkshead, four from Marble, five from Thornbridge plus offerings from Amber, Castle Rock, Dark Star, Ilkley, Purple Moose, Osset, Rat, Saltaire and rare draught Golden Pride from Fullers.

Plenty of excellent local ales too. Sponsors Liverpool Organic provide twenty (!), with Brimstage, George Wright, Southport and Wapping amongst the highlights.

I don't have a ticket for tonight or Saturday but The Dispensary are putting on their own festival so I may well pop over the river for a few after Rovers' match tomorrow.


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  2. Hopefully next year can result in some change to the ticketing situation - fingers crossed for online!, but I know several people who picked up tickets a day or two before via the CAMRA facebook page or even just asking people for spares as they go in.

    It's really worth it, as it's a really good festival and the venue is almost unique, and well worth the entry cost.

    (Minor grumble about the endlessly dull and bland Friday night covers band...)


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