Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Liverpool Craft Beer Expo

Anyone know anything about this?


Who's organising it and why would I risk my money on advance ticket sales?


  1. It looks as though Liverpool Craft Brewery are trying jump on the Liverpool Organic bandwagon, i.e. brewery organised beer festivals. I don't feel drawn to go.

  2. Hi,

    Yes, this festival is partly run by us at Liverpool Craft Beer, in partnership with the venue - Camp & Furnace.

    There will be over 80 keg beers and 50 cask beers, all served through handpulls.

    We will be showcasing the best UK breweries across the three days. The ever expanding list of breweries can be seen on the website.

    Many thanks

    The Liverpool Craft Beer Co.

  3. Paul: nothing personal against you putting on a festival - good luck with that - or against your brewery, but I noted that the festival is heavily slanted towards keg beer, which doesn't really entice a real ale drinker like me.

  4. I do give LCB credit for doing something different, and hopefully they can succeed in appealing to a wider / younger audience than the Liverpool Beer Festival (entrenched for years with it's ticket system)

    Camp and Furnace is a great venue for this, and 50 beers on cask is still more than enough for me, and if the kegs are as good as I've had from Aus / US microbreweries then all the better.

    I'll judge it once I've been, but they seem to be ticking most of the boxes to get me interested.

  5. Liverpool Beer Festival gave £3 worth of free vouchers to CAMRA members at the festival. Seems excessive to me even if I did benefit. Now I know who is organising it I'll give the LCB a go. Lots of festivals planned for Liverpool this year.

  6. Did you make it to the LCB? I went on Saturday night (sold out I think), and I have to say, it was a well run event.

    Spent most of my money on the cask bar, and they were all excellent beers. Plenty of staff, excellent festival glass!, food looked good (although I didn't eat), paper programme was well put together, plenty of info on boards, plenty of seating too...

    (I'm sure there'll always be a tiny grumble about the price of these things, but I didn't think it was excessive - Cask was £1.50 or £2 a half.)

    Credit where it's due, for a first festival, I don't think they could have done any more.