Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Still hope for pubs

Perceived wisdom is that street corner locals and estate pubs are lost causes. The 'experts' say that only pubs/bars in densely populated city centres and food-led pubs will survive.

In one of my earliest blogs I celebrated the fact that a run down pub surrounded by terraced houses in Birkenhead had re-opened as the Cock and Pullet. It introduced a range of cask beers and has thrived from day one. I was in there early on Saturday evening and marvelled at how busy it was. Even though the numbers were swelled by post-match Tranmere Rovers fans drowning their sorrows it was genuinely packed with a mix of young, old, male and female, from all social groups enjoying drinking in a pub just like thirty or forty years ago.

Although there was plenty of real ale downed from the five handpumps this isn't a 'pub for beards' as a certain blogger might say. There were lots of lager and alcopops drinkers too but the unifying factor was the atmosphere. It's an old fashioned noisy boozer where people go to have a good time. Many more pubs used to be like that.


  1. pub for beards? What a pejorative term.

  2. Apart from a few weeks with a goatee which was a repost to a friend who drew one on me when drunk, I've never grown or wanted to grow a beard. I always think it looks a bit shifty, often an attempt to hide a double chin. Not one for jumpers, brown jackets or wearing hiking boots when not hiking either. Maybe I'm not cut out for real ale after all.

  3. "Tranmere Rovers fans drowning their sorrows" - pub regulars, then.

  4. Incorrect, only 6 defeats in 30 games and top of the league!

  5. Must visit the place before or after the match on Tuesday (28th).

    Harri - the real ale hunter from Finland