Thursday, 3 January 2013

Batemans Vintage Ale 2012

Batemans look to be apeing Fullers by brewing the first of a planned annual brew of a vintage ale. The box states 'A long matured, oak aged VINTAGE ALE with flavours of plums, port, malt, brandy, vanilla and almonds.'

It isn't bottle conditioned but certainly looks classy. Also stated on the box is 'Best After 2012' and 'Best before 2037' so the brewery must be confident that they've brewed a decent ale. It's on sale in Aldi at £3.29 which isn't bad at all at 7.5%

STOP PRESS: I've just noticed that the vertical red flash at the top of the box states 'STICTLY LIMITED RELEASE'. I hope their brewing is better than their spelling.

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