Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bottle or can

An  American friend gave me a can of Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA recently. In the UK the perceived wisdom that all canned beer is rubbish. Until Brewdog came along no brewery with a reputation to uphold would dream of canning their beer.

USA brewers don't subscribe to this view. Across the pond beer is commonly drunk al fresco, often at sporting events where glass is banned. Americans are happy to pack the cooler with a few cans of their favourite craft beer.

I thought I'd pick up a bottle of Torpedo from my local Tesco and compare it with the canned version to check my prejudices. Visually, there was little between them with the bottled version showing the slightest of yeast hazes. The bottled version also had a slightly hoppy nose whereas the beer from the can was almost odourless. Tasting the two glasses there was little between them. The bottled beer had a little more flavour and a bit more mouth feel. Overall, I preferred the bottled beer but the canned version was quite pleasant and if I didn't know I probably wouldn't have guessed that I was drinking a canned beer.

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