Friday, 25 May 2012

Exactly a month

...since my last post and virtually nothing in the month before that. It's hard to break a habit but once it's done it's just as hard to regain it.
It isn't as if I've left the world of beer. I went to Belgium twice in April - ZBF in the new Leuven venue was a superb experience. I've been to the Walsall Beer Festival, had a trip to the Bridge End, Ruabon (CAMRA POTY) and jaunts to Liverpool, Chester and Southport. But I just couldn't be bothered writing about anything. The funny thing is I didn't read anyone else's blogs either. I can't really explain why.

What has invigorated me is the the conjunction of good weather and my impending 12 day (!) holiday in Cartmel. The thought of unlimited Hawkshead Bitter plus numerous other beers on offer has got me like a child counting down the days to Christmas. There is even a new brewery which has opened in the village since I was last there.

I've been teetotal this week as part of my training for this epic challenge. Next Tuesday night I'll be propping up the bar of the Kings Arms. I'll keep you up to date with events.