Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I saw you coming.

The title comes from the 'Harry & Paul' sketch where an unscrupulous shyster takes advantage of home counties women with far more money than sense.

I'm start to wonder if we drinkers are also being taken for a ride by the new generation of craft beer bars. I made my first visit to the Port Street Beer House last week. The cask beer was in excellent condition, there was an enviable range of world bottled beers and the staff were friendly and knowledgable. The price to be paid for this excellence was ........the price.

A pint of Dark Star Hophead was £3.40. That's way over the top in the north west for a 3.8% beer. A half of Odell IPA came in at £2.60. The bottled beer menu should be sponsored by American Express. There were numerous beers over £10 with a few approaching £20. Thornbridge Bracia was £15. it's a great beer but Dominic Driscoll nearly had a fit when I told him the price.

Is this a case of  'Emperors New Clothes' persuading us that high prices are acceptable or even desirable?


  1. I suppose the difference is that what is on sale at the PSBH is at least good, if overpriced. No doubt it will be full of pretentious twats going on about how beer is the new wine, though.

  2. I think that's it. Mudgie is right in that the PSBH keeps its cask immaculately, unlike some of the pretentious gaffs in another place.

    It may not be cheap, but it is good.

    As for the customers? They seem fine to me and if you don't like it, don't pay it and I guess they have to get the cost back and if people are daft enough........

  3. While some of us may jib at the prices and the pretentiousness, in a way it must be a good thing that beer is being made "fashionable". Has there been a glowing write-up in the MEN lifestyle section yet?

  4. They say a fool and his money are easily parted. Such beer snobbery is a prime example.

  5. The quality and knowledge of the staff was excellent. I'm all for giving beer a higher profile too. It seems that the market is polarising between 'how much swill can you get for a fiver' dives and 'price no problem' bars.

  6. I've no problem with a higher profile, and I don't drink swill, but is overcharging for a product the way to achieve the higher profile we'd all like to see? My opinion is 'no'.