Sunday, 10 June 2012

Unsworth Yard Brewery, Cartmel

I've mentioned the excellent choice of beers around the Cartmel Peninsula and now the village has its own brewery. Unsworth's Yard was formerly a bit of an eyesore in this pictureseque village but has been transformed by the building of units from traditional stone and slate housing an artisinal baker, cheese and wine shops and now a brewery.

The plant has approximately two barrels capacity and brewing is already taking place two or three times a week. The refreshing Crusader Gold is selling very in the Cavendish Arms about 200 yards away. Even nearer is the newly re-opened Priory Hotel which is taking the darker, malty Cartmel Peninsula. The beers have reached pubs as far away as Lancaster and are proving popular at beer festivals.

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  1. im always looking for a new brew to try so when i was in cartmel on sunday i found the yard brewery with dust sheets and paint pots at the door i red the sign which took me to the cavendish arms through the arch were a lady served me with a pint of crusader so good i had another thank you