Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 - A prersonal summary

The year is just about over so I found it interesting to consider if my drinking habits had changed during the year. My overall consumption was probably about the same but my choices altered subtly. All comments refer to drinking in this country.

Cask ale - consumption down slightly.

Keg beer - consumption low but up from nil in 2011.

Bitish bottled conditioned beer - up slightly.

British non-bottled conditioned beer - consumption low but again up from practically zero in 2011.

Belgian bottled beer - down slightly as other countries upped their game/became more widely available.

Other European bottled beer - up; greater availability

American bottled beer; up; ditto.

It is noticeable that pubs and bars are expanding their range of foreign bottles beyond Chimay, Duvel and the odd German wheat beer. American beer is becoming easier to find with Flying Dog seemingly everywhere. Nøgne Ø from Norway are picking up sales too.

In my area, we've finally gained a chain of decent beer shops. 'Ship in a Bottle' have quickly expanded from Liverpool City Centre to Wirral with new shops in West Kirby and Heswall. The owners considered the new shops a bit of a gamble, but I'm told that the takings in the West Kirby shop were over £4,000.00 on the Sunday before Xmas. We're a discerning lot in Wirral.


  1. "We're a discerning lot in Wirral." I could think of another term!

    The Inn Beer Shop in Southport predates Ship In A Bottle by some time. It's on Lord Street and well worth a visit. You can drink your purchases on the premises if you wish, and on Xmas Eve it was heaving.

  2. We wealthy Wirralians have waited a long time for a decent beer shop so good luck to them.

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