Saturday, 18 January 2014

Brewdog Liverpool

My spies tell me that the new Brewdog bar in Liverpool will be off Colquitt Street in the Ropewalks area. There are a lot of late license bars and clubs nearby. I'm not sure if this is the right part of town to open a 'craft' bar. In fact I'll be interested to see how the Scousers take to the concept. They're pretty open minded on most things but they do like to drink beer in ferocious quantities so I'm not sure how they'll react to Tactical Nuclear Penguin.


  1. Well, having lived in Liverpool for a number of years, married a scouser, and still visiting quite often, I'd think that that's probably a reasonable location for a 'craft' bar. And I've never thought of scousers as being particularly 'ferocious' drinkers either. I expect they'll react about the same as anyone else to TNP. .

  2. I drink in Liverpool every other Sunday. The locals like to drink quantities of sub 4% beers. There is no existing bar in the city of the Cask, Craft, Tap or Port Street style so it will be interesting to see how the locals take to the concept. I think that Liverpool 1 would be a better location for Brewdog but rents are probably too high there.

    1. Well, you've got places like Leaf, The Shipping Forecast, Kazimier, Camp and Furnace (out of the way), Mello Mello (?) and my mate's gaff Sound Food and Drink. (and many others... ) I'd suggest that, to a lesser or greater extent, these places target the 'craft' demographic, altho' it's fair to say that the beer hasn't always been what you might expect, even if' the rest of the offering's bang on message. Plenty of scope there. Course, looking at the folks in the Ship & Mitre, the (very excellent Dizzy) and the Fly, you'd never know...

  3. The bars you mention might have the odd drinkable bottled or keg beer without any decent cask; but the only one that fits into the nebulous term 'craft' is probably the Clove Hitch on Hope Street. The Ship & Mitre has a decent range of Belgian and German beers without being adventurous but the cask offerings are not the best. There may be Sierra Nevada or Boon Gueuze in the Fly. Are the bar staff knowledgeable about beer. Probably only in Clove Hitch. I have to declare that I've never been to Kazamier or Sound Food and Drink.

  4. I think the Clove Hitch is the only craft bar in Liverpool ( and the Inn Beer Emporium too ).

    Harri - The Real Ale Hunter from Finland

  5. For what it's worth, MelloMello has an interesting beer list. Looks pretty craft to me. But to go back to your original point, on the "right part of town": If the pooches are putting a bar in it, we can be pretty sure that it is.

  6. Looks like I'll have to check out Mello Mello.

  7. Bier, Motel, Salt Dog Slim's, The (little) Grapes. I am sure there are other establishments serving up beer from the local Liverpool Craft Beer Co., Mad Hatter and Liverpool Organic breweries.

    Perhaps it could be argued there could be more on offer but that may suggest there is a niche there not being completely filled which Brewdog can exploit.

    If there was not the appetite for craft beer in Liverpool I doubt the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo would be coming back for a second year at the Camp & Furnace.

  8. the kaz does have cask as well as craft keg, liverpool organic and liverpool craft normally supply them. harri if you think the clove hitch is the only "craft" bar in liverpool your not looking hard enough! every pub and more on that list does artisanally made beer, theres going to be even more about with mad hatter growing in size.
    B.T.W. its good to see brew dog finally finding somewhere, theyve been looking for ages

  9. If they finally make this happen (it has been over 8 months 'in planning'), then I think this could be the catalyst to take the craft beer culture in Liverpool to the next level. I agree with all of the above bars, especially MelloMello, not only a wide range but all well selected too. But being a regular visitor to the Nottingham branch on my travels, I can safely say they have they beers in their fridge that other independent bars could only dream of getting (Firestone Walker, a decent range from Stone, Mikkeller, Elysian, Lost Abbey to name but a few). Thats the global power of their company within the industry at present. Plus it will be a great hub for for the gathering of like-minded beer enthusiasts :)