Wednesday 4 March 2015

Thomas Hardy's Ale Reborn

This beauty arrived by post yesterday so I thought it was time to end my silence.

The rights to the Thomas Hardy Ale name have now passed to a company in Italy called Interbrau. This preview edition should certainly whet the appetite of beer connoisseurs everwhere. They've gone back to the original pint and half pint bottles from 1968 for the design. The wax capsule is an attractive touch, although there appears to be a crown cork beneath it.

The ale is brewed to the classic strength of 11.7%, who brews or will brew has not been revealed although we are assured that it will be in England. This re-incarnation may well be more successful than O'Hanlon's. The beer market has move on a lot in 10 years and there are plenty of beer geeks who won't mind paying top dollar for a beer that is a statement. "Look at me. Money's no object to show what superior taste I have." Others will buy just the one bottles and stare lovingly at it from time to time, never getting round to actually drinking it. Which is what happened first time round.


  1. Brewed by Meantime

  2. At Meantime, indeed. But who was the brewer?

  3. Thanks for the info. Should be a good ale. I get the impression that the packaging, wax seal etc. won't appear on the main production run.

  4. Hi Steve, (late to the party but...) any news on whether Meantime are going to continue to brew THA, or if not, is it going to be brewed somewhere else?