Sunday, 20 November 2011

Alcohol Police again

They were bothering fans at the Tranmere game yesterday. As if we didn't have enough to worry about. using the acronym 'What' (Wirral Help & Alcohol Treatment) they were asking people to complete questionnaires which of course told us that we were all 'at risk' from excessive alcohol consumption. They were then handing out costly leaflets and booklets.
I liked the advice which identified when people were most likely to drink or drink too much. They included:

After work

Out celebrating at a party or club

When I want to relax

In other words I am at risk whenever I'm not at work or sleeping. I wish Wirral NHS would spend their our money on reducing waiting times for operations or abolishing car parking charges.


  1. Such exercises tick a few boxes and meet a few targets relating to preventative medicine. It's also a nice day out for the staff concerned, so everyone's a winner, apart from people on a waiting list.

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