Sunday, 4 December 2011


That's how much a bottle of Marble Brewer Barley Wine costs from the Marble Beer House. It is 10.7% and is presented in a 75ml champage-corked bottle but even so is it value for money? I think not.

Perhaps Marble are starting to take their customers for granted. I did buy a bottle of Old Manchester to take away but £8.50 isn't enough for the staff to provide a bag to put it in. Also, I went to order food at the bar but was told that meals were suspended for an hour. An hour later there was still no timescale for ordering foood and when I enquired why I was told that the staff were busy catering for two pre-booked parties in the restaurant. In other words the ordinary customer could starve or in my case go elsewhere. I will say that the draught beer was as superb as ever.


  1. Visited this week and can fully support the comments regarding the quality of the draught beers. However, the excuse concerning the food on Tuesday and Wednesday was that the menu was restricted (though available) because the winter menu was starting on Thursday 1 December. I decided that the Old Manchester would be the extent of my purchases. At the prices, if I did buy, where is the presentation box and packaging?