Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Expensive 'craft' beer

There have been plenty of comments regarding the price of 'craft' beers and the perception that the mark up is excessive.

A seriously weird beer label
I was in Port Street Beer House on Sunday and would have been tempted by the X-Mas Zinnebir from the excellent de la Senne brewery in Brussels. However, the blackboard was showing a price of £10/pint! I know it's imported but I've seen plenty of other foreign beers on draught at different location much cheaper than that. I think a lot of Londoners would baulk at that price never mind Mancunians. The beer is 6.5% so it is not rocket fuel. I'll be interested to compare the price of say the 10.5% Gouden Carolus Christmas at the Manchester Velodrome festival next month, granted there will be lower overheads.


  1. They say a fool and his money are soon parted; that applies particularly to snobby craft beer enthusiasts. No wonder Brewdog shifted away from cask beer with its lower profit margins.

  2. Dare I suggest that if you were particularly concerned about value for money you wouldn't be drinking in PSBH in the first place?

  3. A fair point. We only had an hour between trains at Piccadilly so it was a reasonably near. I chose a cask beer at a miserly £4.20/pint.

  4. " I chose a cask beer at a miserly £4.20/pint." And I thought drinking here in the south-east was expensive!