Monday, 13 January 2014

Wirral Smith & Jones pubs closed

The Chronicle, Bebington
Wirral lost two pubs this week. The Chronicle in Bebington and The Ravenscroft in Heswall (named after the real surname of DJ John Peel, who was born in Heswall) both closed suddenly. The pubs traded under the Smith & Jones name and were two of the remaining pubs belonging to the Bramwell Pub Company which entered Administration in October. A number of pubs had already been sold, many to rival Pubco Stonegate.
The closures came as a bit of a shock to punters as both pubs seemed to operating reasonably well in the clone Wetherspoon sector. I've heard tales of managers receiving phone calls telling them to stop serving and throw out the customers half way through a session plus the administrators sending in the bailiffs to remove anything of value and cutting through the TV lead instead of just pulling out the plug. Both sold cask ale in reasonable condition, from an uninspiring list.


  1. It seems stupid to cut short a session. To let it carry on until closing time means more money in the till and less stock to dispose of.

  2. I heard the same sort of stories when the Bramwell Pub Co owned, Oak Tree in Sevenoaks suddenly closed. Punters told to drink up and leave, and even people who were halfway through their meals! Sounds like real bully-boy tactics to me, but why? As Nev says, surely it's better to carry on trading until the end of a session. Administrators are like that though; nothing better than jumped up asset strippers who like to throw their weight around.

    Fortunately the pub will be re-opening shortly under new ownership.

  3. Sorry, out of topic.
    But I'm coming to the Coventry game.
    What would be the best places to have some real ales before and after the match? The Cock & Pullet? The Shrewsbury Arms? The Halfway House? The Sportmans Arms? The Oxton Bar & Kitchen?

    Harri - The Real Ale Hunter from Finland

  4. Harri, a good atmosphere in the Cock & Pullet although beer has been inconsistent recently. However, a new manager was installed a few weeks back and the beer was good on my last visit. Oxton Bar & Grill is expensive but beer is in good condition. They have Liverpool Organic Stout on plus two changing guests. I don't recommend the others for cask.