Monday, 25 July 2011

Safe drinking levels to be reviewed

The newspapers seize on any anti-alcohol propaganda but not given as much prominence to the Government's decision to review the advice on safe drinking levels with the likelihood that limits will be raised.
The existing advice is based on a recommendation from a committee of doctors in 1987. However, one of the members of the original Royal College of Physicians' working party admitted that the figures were 'plucked out of the air' in the absence of clear evidence about the quantity of alcohol which poses a health risk.
MPs are also going to compare the UK guidelines with those provided in other countries. It's ludicrous that the advice in Italy allows the equivalent of an extra bottle of wine per week compared with the U.K. guidelines. A small victory in the battle against the anti-alcohol lobbyists.

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  1. I can't think of anyone who takes these official figures seriously. The drink-drive limits, yes, but the official safe drinking figures have no credibility whatsoever.