Friday, 15 July 2011

Why women can't read maps

There seem to be a never ending litany of  'Beer is bad for you' stories which the press are quite happy to lap up. Even The Independent has given space to an article headed 'Binge drinking is why women can't read maps, say scientists.'

American researchers found that heavy drinking during the teenage years when the brain is still growing, affects the development of spatial memory which is the ability to orientate oneself on the map and remember how to get from place to place. Although both sexes were affected women felt the effects more than men.

The scientists definition of heavy drinking is worth considering. ' The students were normal healthy teenagers who drank socially and might have four or five drinks at a weekend party and then not drink again for some weeks.' So that includes you and me.

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  1. I've read research in the Daily Mail that proves that the houses of people who drink two or more glasses of wine a day are worth up to 15% less than their teetotal neighbours.