Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Summer's day at Brimstage Brewery

It isn't often that the planets align correctly and we get the idyllic Sunday that sums up all our hopes for the British Summer. The reality is usually a downpour or a blustery wind or both. That's how it is in the North of the country anyway.

Neil Young contemplates a pint of Scarecrow

Neil Young  at Brimstage Brewery pushed the boat out yesterday. He'd invited the great and good from Merseyside branch of CAMRA over for the afternoon. A bit of a PR job this, ther's always a bit of mutual suspicion between Liverpool and Wirral. CAMRA branch trips to the brewery are nothing new. Brimstage wins lots of 'Beer of the Festival' awards and branches like to present the awards in situ in return for a bit of hospitality.

This time though, Neil made use of the the paddock fronting the brewery to lay on a Jazz Band - suits the target audience unfortunately - and provide a hog roast. Amazingly the sun shone and we basked in this rural idyll. Trapper's Hat, Sandpiper and Scarecrow were the thirst quenchers for the 39 visitors from across the Mersey plus assorted friends of the brewery. Merseyside branch were due to visit a number of pubs that afternoon but enjoyed themselves so much that they stayed for an extra two hours. Well you would with free beer and glorious weather. Look out for Scarecrow at GBBF, it's a full flavoured 4.2% traditional bitter.


  1. I first came across Scarecrow in the Dispensary in Liverpool, probably some time last year. I hadn't heard of Brimstage before but was very impressed with the beer, a view reinforced by our own visit to the brewery a couple of months ago.

  2. Scarecrow is only Brimstage beer that the Dispensary will take. He doesn't like the yeast haze that Trapper's Hat throws when cold (brewer doesn't like to over-fine his beers) and won't take Rhode Island Red becasue he often has Hawkshead Red on sale.