Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Inappropriate Beer Gifts

This is the time of year when the male of the species receives socks, after shave and deodorant. I've no problem with that. However, if you are recognised as liking the odd pint of beer there is a chance that you'll also receive an Inappropriate Beer Gift from a well meaning relative or friend. You force the false smile as you unwrap the Gift pack of 'World' lagers (nanufactured in South Wales and Northampton) or cans of Bombardier/Old Speckled Hen.

Those of us who take pride in a modicum of beer knowledge will be fully stocked with more suitable beers and will wait for a suitable opportunity to jettison the unwanted gifts at a party or pass them on to the less discerning (i.e. non geeky) drinker.

Today, I received a supposed example of the Unwanted Beer Gift, or so I thought. But upon opening I found a gift set of the Maredsous range of Belgian beers complete with beer glass (which I've wanted for years despite owning far too many glasses). I won't embarrass the givers of this excellent and unexpected gift by naming them here but Thank You and Merry Christmas!


  1. There's a difference between gifts that are absolute crap (which I have had in the past) and ones that might be a bit mainstream but where people have made an effort. I thought this from last year was a thoughtful gift.

  2. The Thwaites and Cheese pack is a very nice gift. I'm very happy with my Maredsous beers. I've since found out that it was purchased at Ship In a Bottle. West Kirby. They have a branch in Liverpool city centre also.

  3. Fortunately all the beer gifts I received this Christmas WERE appropriate. Friends and family have got to know my likes, and dislikes, over the years, although I too could do with a decent glass for the proper appreciation of the Belgian, and other strong beers, I received.

  4. I was offered a couple of tins of John Smiths Smooth.

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