Monday, 3 January 2011


The last day of the "kill your liver" holiday and I'm off to the match. Looking forward to the compulsory pub visit afterwards to celebrate or drown our sorrows.

It's a GBG pub with seven handpumps. The quality is not bad for Wirral (more on that later). So what's the problem? It is the beer range. Landlord and Bombardier chase the 4.3% "I've heard of that one" market. Abbot and Hobgoblin are there for the "Get drunk quickly" gang. Jennings is there, but it's the insipid Cumberland Ale not the tasty Bitter or Mild. Also Flower's IPA. You didn't know that was still brewed, did you? In Cardiff of course! That leaves one handpump of hope. 50% of the time it's another over-strong malty offering, but otherwise, joy of joys, it's a brew form the excellent Brimstage brewery just down the road. Usually the refreshing and citrus Trapper's Hat. Best enjoyed in quantities of five pints or more.

However, it is still Christmas and I have a forebodeing. It will be 4.5% plus, dark, sweet, possibly spiced and with 'Santa', 'Jingle' or 'Yule' in the name and I won't like it.


No Trapper's - "It's only just been delivered". Weetwood Cheshire Cat instead. At least it's only 4.0%. Trouble is, it's slightly bitter but sweet and a little thin. Never mind, we won. Home for a Bocq Christmas, Moinette Brune and suitable cheese. Happy New Year!

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