Thursday, 27 January 2011

Fuller's Vintage Ale

Fuller's have gained a deserved reputation in recent years for high quality, bottled conditioned beers. They include 1845, Brewer's Reserve and the new Past Masters range. Eagerly awaited each autumn is Vintage Ale now in its 14th year.

This year's brewing notes state "Crafted with the highest quality Tipple malted barley, this ale's main hop character is derived from traditional Golding and Fuggle hops and further enhanced with dry hopping, using a blend of the choicest Golding and Target hops. Coupled with the unique Fuller's yeast strain we expect this beer to mature into another 'Classic' Vintage!"

Would you like to see the production figures? Of course you would!

1997                 85,000
1998                 85,000
1999                 85,000
2000                 85,000
2001                 30,000
2002                 50,000
2003                 50,000
2004                 95,000
2005                 95,000
 2006                 100,000
 2007                 150,000
 2008                 145,000
 2009                 160,000
 2010                 125,000

Why the sharp drop in production in 2001? I'd like to know. What is evident is that demand has been bouyant in the latter part of the last decade. It is certainly a beer that I make an effort to seek out, difficult as that task can be up here in the frozen wastelands of the North. I suggest you do likewise.


  1. Excellent details on the production figures!

    Were you aware that Waitrose (and Ocado online) sell it? The Formby store normally has a decent stock of at least the last two years' worth.

  2. Hello Baron,
    Unfortunately, Formby is the nearest Waitrose to me. Less than 30 miles from here but awkward and involves the Tunnel. Easiest to get to is probably Sandbach, 44 miles but nearly all motorway, M53, M56 and M6. If there was one nearby I'd be checking it out all the time. Sainsbury's in Ellesmere Port have had some this year which is a bonus.