Monday, 21 February 2011

Alcohol licence?

The health police were at it again today. A report in The Lancet says that deaths due to liver disease are increasing. O.K. we agree that's not desirable. However, a spokesman on Radio 2,  probably for Alcohol Concern or some similar body suggested that we all be issued with drinks licences, the idea  being that we'd swipe a card every time we bought a drink. If we exceeded the proscribed limit over a few months we could expect a letter from our GPs warning us of the consequences.

The reporter asked the obvious question concerning someone else buying you a drink with their card considering that buying a drink for a friend is not illegal. Not illegal at the moment was the gist of the answer!

This was proposed with all seriousness. Big brother will limit your alcohol consumption and buying a round will be an offence. Presumably drinkers will also have their passports taken away to prevent them going abroad to drink unregulated alcohol. How do we stop these people?

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