Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The future is keg!

As we all fall headlong into the bottomless pit of 'Nu Keg' as I and no one else likes to call it, I came across an image of a previous keg beer that was supposed to sweep all before it. I'm willing to be contradicted but I think it was only trialled in the North of England. You Southerners don't know how lucky you are.

I hadn't yet heard of CAMRA and this was new and 'trendy'. My Dad's pub sold it and Whitbread threw lots of money at an advertising campaign. It was a 'Young Man's Pint' and had a ridiculous tin gauntlet dispensing unit. Today's ASA would have a hissy fit. I used to drink it pre-match at the Prenton Hotel next to Tranmere's ground. It was dark, sweet and probably crap. After a few months it just disappeared without trace never to be mentioned again. Until now.


  1. You can't say it disappeared and was never seen again. Ask Frank about the pint he had in The Avenue on his 18th birthday. We all saw that one again pretty soon. Mind you, it has been mentioned a few times since.

  2. In the 70’s I use to sell it in the Red Lion (Burscough Lancs.) It was OK - but I was, and still am, mainly a Guinness drinker. However the Gauntlet font head was quite a substantial & very heavy metal 'cast' and not 'tin' - so much so that when it was withdrawn the cellar service teams were sent out to retrieve them so they could at least retrieve the scrap metal value and is why none are – or should be available but I still have what is now an extremely rare 'Gauntlet' ashtray that I will soon be selling on a well known 'E' auction website. Cheers.