Thursday, 24 February 2011

Off to the Liverpool Beer Festival

I'm off to the Liverpool beer festival tonight. Tickets are ridiculously hard to obtain but I got my act together this year. There are no ticket sales through pubs, only by postal application or in person on a set date in December - they sold out in two hours. Unless you live or work locally and can spare the time to queue on a Friday morning that means applying by post. Friday tickets aren't sold postally, so that leaves Thursday or Saturday. Beers run out as the festival progresses so Thursday it is. There is the trade session on Wednesday but last time I was offered a ticket for that session I was disappointed to find that only the local beers were available. Well I don't need to visit a beer festival to drink them.

A report will follow in due course!


  1. I went to the trade session last night and you are right it was local beers only, although the Liverpool Organic stuff was excellent so it made up for it.

    Was really good to meet some of the brewers though including Liverpool Organic, Stringers & Brimstage.

  2. It's an excellent beer fest but it's very hard to get tickets. I do think that the selling policy could be improved but that's the way the branch like it.

    A great range of beers although they don't stock try to stock any hard to get/'one off' beers. Not a problem for me.