Friday, 18 February 2011

Ridiculous beer names

I can't be the only one who's noticed the proliferation of daft beer names. I'm not talking the puerile and sexist names from our domestic breweries that we 'Carry On Camping' loving Brits enjoy so much.

I was more thinking of the output from our foreign friends with their penchant for those so pretentious 1st release this and oak aged that. Others are just weird. Anyway, I've spent an hour or two dreaming up some ridiculous names listed below interspersed with some real ones:
Abbaye de St-Bon Chien 2010
Cuvée Alex le Rouge
Fone 50
Caulfield - Not Just Plain Vanilla
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel
BA Big Worst Bourbon Edition
Texas Ranger w/Vanillabeans & Cocoabeans
List & Bedrog
R. Woodhouse
Cuvée Freddy batch 2
Viola Sofia
Dirty Horse 2005

What do you mean they're all real beers? Get off my blog and back to Ratebeer immediately you geek! In fact, this is just a small selection from Alvinne's superb festival in Kortrijk on 4th March, the day before the start of the annual ZBF event in Essen. We're talking Belgium for my slower readers. Will I be there? Of course!

Not interested in obscure beers from the U.S., Italy, Denmark or Germany? Well Thornbridge are there as well. That got you interested didn't it? No? Oh well, suit yourselves.

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